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Correspondence Program

Who is this Program for?

The Correspondence Program is another form of private-schooling-at-home. The student’s curriculum is chosen by Daniel 1 staff and a schedule of progress is created for the student to follow throughout the school year. The student will receive the first two sets of assignments.  He will open and begin working on Set 1.  When he completes everything, he returns his work to D1A.  He begins on Set 2.  Meanwhile the teacher at D1A receives Set 1 and scores it; then she prepares Set 3 along with a report of the grades earned on Set 1 and sends both sets to the student.  In this manner the student will always have a set of assignments to work on.  Parents will have two options for receiving and turning in the work:  one is the pick-up / drop-off option, the other is to exchange by UPS or postal service.  Parents’ responsibilities include making sure the student is studying every school day and making satisfactory progress as well as administering the unit tests and returning packages to the school.

Cost of the Correspondence Program

Yearly Tuition Fee: $1400

Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay entire tuition at time of registration and receive $200 discount (Total of $1200)

Option 2: Pay $700 for the first semester at time of enrollment and then pay $700 for the 2nd semester by Dec 1.

Tuition includes the use of all materials the student will need to cover up to 7 subjects in a year.


Registering Your Student

Option 1: Call Daniel 1 Academy at 931-432-1496 and request a packet be mailed to you.

Option 2: Come by the campus to pick up a registration packet or complete it while there.

Option 3: Download, complete, and return your registration packet with all required fees and documentation.

For new students transferring from another high school, please enclose an unofficial copy of their transcript from former school.

Download New Student Enrollment Form

Download Returning Student Enrollment Form

Register Continuing Student via our website