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Preparing the Next
Generation of Daniels

High School Grade Report

Which Semester are you reporting Grades for?

Subject                                                  Grade                  Credit












If end of school year, are you promoting your student to the next grade?
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Is this the final report prior to graduation?
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(To make sure you are human, answer with a numeral.)


Grading Scale: A 93-100 / B 85-92 / C 75-84 / D 70-74


Next to the subjects that your student completed during the past semester only, put the number grade earned and choose the amount of credit. (We will know the letter grade by the number you give.)


Choose 1/2 credit if student completed half of the year’s work. Only choose 1 credit if student completed the entire credit in one semester. If you give 1/2 credits each semester, we will average the two grades together to reach the final grade for that subject.


DO NOT report 1/2 credits first semester and then full credits the second semester as that make it looks as if the student earned 1 1/2 credits for the year.


DO NOT report any credits smaller than 1/2. Wait until the semester when the student has completed at least half the credit and then report it. Any credits earned during the summer may be turned in separately or included on the 1st semester report.


**Foreign Language – please tell in the comments space which language that is.


The blank lines are for any other subjects not listed (like a different science) and for electives.


DUAL ENROLLMENT CREDITS – D1A assigns full credits to a semester of college courses.  A letter grade is sufficient for a dual-enrollment credit.  To have any subjects designated as dual enrollment on the transcript, D1A must receive an official transcript from the college showing the completed grade for that subject. Parent or student is responsible for asking the college to send a transcript to D1A.


High school students may earn a maximum of 7 credits per year unless they have prior permission from D1A.



Note to Parents: When you submit this report, an automatic email is generated and sent to the email address that you entered. Make sure you entered it correctly before hitting submit.  We do try to post grades as quickly as possible.  Once we have posted grades to the student’s transcript, we send you another email stating that we have done so.  If you do not receive this second email within 3 weeks of submitting grades, please call D1A to verify that we received them.