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About Daniel 1 Academy

Helping Homeschool Families Since 1992

Homeschooling in TN

In Tennessee, parents of homeschooled children must register their kids annually, choosing between two options. They can either register with their local education agency (LEA, typically the superintendent's office), with requirements outlined by state law, or with a private, church-related school within the state, a more popular choice where most requirements are set by the chosen school.

The Organization of D1A

Daniel 1 Academy is a 501c(3) non-profit, Christian organization with a board of directors overseeing its policies and procedures. The founders and administrators are Jack and Cindy Holman. The Holmans have 2 grown children that they homeschooled K-12 grades. Together they have been helping other families homeschool since 1992. Assisting the Holmans is Terry Gant, office administrator of Daniel 1.


Daniel 1 Academy is a member of the Tennessee Alliance of Church-Related Schools, TACRS, and is a Category IV (private) school. We are not accredited by TN’s State Dept. of Education. This does not keep our graduates from entering colleges, trade schools or the job market.

Christian-Based Organization

Daniel 1 Academy (D1A) is a Christian organization, founded and run by Christian individuals, applying Christian principles and promoting Christian homeschool materials. We uphold the belief that all children are divine gifts to their parents who bear the responsibility to educate them, regardless of their religious beliefs. While we don't require a statement of faith from parents to homeschool under D1A, we do expect respect for our Christian foundation through appropriate behavior at all school events.