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Year-Round Open Enrollment

Complete the Enrollment Packet

Please use a different registration form for each child. You may submit the completed registration by mail, fax, email or bring it into our office. Include the correct amount of fees and any other papers required or the registration will be delayed.

Required Documents

A copy of the student’s official birth certificate must be submitted with registration for any student new to D1A.
If this is the first child you are registering with D1A, you must submit a copy of a parent’s high school diploma or transcript showing graduation date, or any proof of schooling after high school such as a college transcript. Call the school if you have questions about this.
If someone other than the student’s parents (i.e. grandparents, friend, other family member) is enrolling the student, you must submit copies of official documents proving guardianship of the student.
This will help us to be able to start your student more quickly on the new materials. Without it we will have to wait until their former school sends us records.
Enrollment Packet
Next, Watch For Confirmation

Recieve Enrollment Confirmation Packet

Within a few weeks after enrolling you should receive a confirmation packet in the mail from D1A that will include:
One for each student and one teacher card. All correspondence with D1A must include the Family ID# and /or the Student ID# so please keep these and / or memorize your numbers.
For continuing students we include a copy of his current transcript so that you may compare it with your own records.
See all the important dates for the upcoming school year.
Included if you enrolled a student in grades 9-12.
Included if you enrolled a student in 12th grade. This includes a personalized letter stating which graduation requirements the student still needs to meet.
Enrollment Packet
Then, Withdraw From Former School

Withdraw your child from former school

In addition to registering with Daniel 1, officially withdraw them from any previous schools. Go to the school and find out what you need to do or call them and ask. (Not necessary if switching schools during the summer break.)
Now Begin Teaching Your Child

Begin teaching your child at home

On the Homeschooling program you will need to obtain school materials to use. You can purchase them across the internet, from individuals, from curriculum fairs and from retail stores. On the Correspondence program you will be receiving your curriculum from Daniel 1 along with a schedule to follow. On the Online program you will receive instructions on how to access Daniel 1’s Ignitia website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the yearly enrollment valid at Daniel 1 Academy?

The yearly enrollment at Daniel 1 Academy is valid only for the current school year. Students need to be re-enrolled each school year.

When does the school year start and end, and when can students enroll?

The school year at Daniel 1 Academy starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. The enrollment is open year-round and transfers are accepted throughout the school year. However, enrollments for the new school year are only taken after June 1, with most students enrolling for the new school year between June 1 and August 1.

When does student's enrollment begin at Daniel 1 Academy?

The student's enrollment at Daniel 1 Academy begins on the date he/she registers for that school year. For example, if a student starts homeschooling in August but does not register until November, the school days between August and November will not be counted as school days at Daniel 1 Academy.

What is the attendance policy of Daniel 1 Academy?

Daniel 1 Academy requires a minimum attendance of 180 days for each student, but it does not require an attendance report. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their students meet this requirement.

What are the grade report requirements for students on the Homeschool Program at Daniel 1 Academy?

Parents of students on the Homeschool Program at Daniel 1 Academy are required to submit a grade report for each semester. The first semester reports are due by January 30th, while the second semester reports are due by June 30th. If a student withdraws from D1A during a semester, the parent must submit the grade report at the time of withdrawal.

Does Daniel 1 Academy offer achievement testing?

No, Daniel 1 Academy no longer offers achievement testing. Parents who want testing for their students should look for options on the internet. However, high school students are still required to take the ACT test.

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