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Preparing the Next
Generation of Daniels

Homeschooling Program

Who is this Program for?

This is traditional, do-it-yourself homeschooling. Parents fill out registration forms for each child at the beginning of each year and pay the required fees. They purchase or create whatever curriculum or materials they want to use for teaching. They teach their children at least 180 days in the school year. At the end of each semester, they report semester grades for each subject to D1A. The staff of D1A creates an official transcript using those grades reported by the parent.

  • The parent or guardian must have at least a high school education and must provide proof of it.
  • This program is not available for any student who has been expelled or suspended from their previous school or is on probation.
  • This program is not for adult students.

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Cost of the Homeschooling Program

New Student Processing Fee  $20 per student

Families only pay registration fees for the two oldest children. Any more are registered for free.

Grades K-6 $80

Grades 7-12 $90
There is a $10 discount for registering early between June 1 and July 15.

Achievement Testing

Achievement testing is $50 per child. Only required for grades 9-12. Available for grades 1-12.
Must be paid for with registration.