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Grade Report FAQ’s

When are the semester reports due?

Fall semester reports due January 30. Spring semester reports due June 30.


We started late and won’t have 90 days completed by Jan. 30. Do we still turn in the form?

Because of the diversity of home education, many families start on different dates, take time off for holidays and vacations, do some school work even during the summer. We recognize this as one of the major benefits of home education but for recordkeeping purposes here at Daniel 1 it can be a real head-ache. For students in grades K-8 please go ahead and fill out the form for whatever your student has completed so far and turn it in to us. For students working on high school credits, turn it in once the student has completed at least 1/2 credits in his subjects. Any work completed during last summer may be reported as part of the 1st semester. Home schooled children are required to complete a minimum of 180 days in a school year but the number of days per semester can be different from 90 so long as the two semesters add up to at least 180.


How do I know what grades to give my child?

The answer to this question depends on the grade level of the child. For Kindergarten through 3rd grade you can choose to give grades mainly based on participation and overall improvement. You can use letters like E, S and G as shown on the report form. For students in grades 4-8, it looks better to use an A, B, C grading scale. You don’t have to report number grades; letter grades are good enough. For high school students or any 7th and 8th graders who are earning high school credits, you must give a number grade and an indication of the amount of credit earned. This makes it easier to average the two semesters together to get a final grade for each subject. There is more explanation on the Semester Report form itself. For even more information on earning high school credits and how to keep high school records, attend one of our Teaching High School workshops or call for an appointment with someone at Daniel 1 to explain it to you. We will be glad to help.


Why is it so important to turn this form in? What happens if I don’t turn it in?

In times past we have seen many problems arise when parents do not ‘get around to it.’ Many students who quit homeschooling and transferred to a public school have had to repeat a grade level since there were no reports in their file. It is also very difficult to create complete high school transcripts to send to colleges if parents did not turn in reports or did not complete them correctly. Therefore, one way we are trying to hold parents responsible is by not allowing your student to re-enroll the next school year unless those grade reports are in the student’s file. We also will not give a driver’s permit letter or work permit unless we have a current semester report on file.