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Enrollment Confirmation Packet

Within a few weeks after enrolling you should receive a confirmation packet from D1A that will include:

I.D. CARDS – One for each student and one teacher card. All correspondence with D1A must include the Family ID# and /or the Student ID# so please keep these and / or memorize your numbers.

CURRENT TRANSCRIPT – For continuing students we include a copy of his current transcript so that you may compare it with your own records.

SCHOOL CALENDAR – See all the important dates for the upcoming school year.

Your confirmation packet may also include the following:

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION  – Included if you enrolled a student in grades 9-12.

GRADUATION INFORMATION – Included if you enrolled a student in 12th grade. This includes a personalized letter stating which graduation requirements the student still needs to meet.


Work Permits

Some employers of high school students require them to bring in a work permit from their school giving them permission to work during school hours. Click here to put in a request by email. Or click on the button in the far right column to download a paper request, complete it and mail it in or fax to 931-432-1498.  Or call D1A during office hours and request one.  It can be mailed to you or you may pick it up in the front office. Please allow up to 1 week for processing the request.

Legal Matters

Enrolling with D1A will help you satisfy the laws concerning alternative education. Still, we cannot guarantee that our members will not be subject to scrutiny by the courts. It’s always recommended that families consider joining legal associations that help homeschoolers. We recommend HSLDA in Washington DC (the Home School Legal Defense Association). You can receive a discount if you are a member of Daniel 1. Call the school to get the Group Number for D1A.

Driver’s License Permit

In order to apply for a driver’s license permit, homeschool students must take a letter from their umbrella school proving that they are enrolled. To receive this letter from D1A your student must have been enrolled with Daniel 1 for at least 30 days and all responsibilities must have been fulfilled including turning in recent grades. To request a Permit letter, you may click here to request one by email OR click on the button in the far right column to download a paper version which can then be sent in by mail or fax it to 931-432-1498 within 7-10 days before your test. You may also call the school to request one.  You may pick up the form at the school or we will mail it to you.  The letter expires after 30 days so only request one if you plan on applying within the next few weeks.

High School Transcripts

Parents will receive an unofficial copy of their student’s transcript, free of charge, along with the confirmation letter and I.D. cards that are mailed each year after we receive the enrollment forms.  There is a $5 charge for official copies to any other schools or organizations.  Click on the button in the far right column to download a paper request which can be mailed in along with payment.  Allow up to 1 week for processing.   Graduates will receive two official copies at the time of graduation covered by the graduation fee.


All students who complete the requirements for graduation may choose to participate in a traditional cap and gown ceremony in May in Cookeville, TN.  If not they may choose to pick up their diploma at Daniel 1 Academy or to have it mailed to them.  Anyone who enrolls a 12th grader will receive graduation information in their Confirmation Packet that will include information on senior testing and signing up for graduation.